Siam University and Gengdan Institute signed the agreement and hold online presentation

Release time:2021-7-8 10:15:12

In order to respond “One Belt and One Road” propose and our future development requirement. The International Office continues to cooperation with “One Belt and One Road” countries universities. Early this month,Siam University and Gengdan Institute achieved a number of cooperation,and signed the cooperative agreements. On June 10th, the International Office invited the Siam University assistant president Dr. Zhang Li; Siam University International Office director Jidapa had online presentation for our students.


Assistant president Dr. Zhang introduced Siam University’s basic information such as, school size,professional characteristics,students activities and advantages of study abroad in a humorous ways. Let the students have a preliminary understanding. Dr. Zhang also talked about due to the impact of COVID-19, the offline cooperation between two sides can’t be carried out normally, but Siam University participates in cooperation with China and Thailand actively, pays attention to cooperation and exchange with Chinese universities and looking forward to cooperation with Gengdan Institute in long term.

From this online presentation,students learnt that,the word “Siam” in Siam university is the ancient name to the Southeast country. Siam University is the only comprehensive private university integrating engineering,business,literature,science medical and other disciplines in Thailand. Siam University has developed from 200 students at the beginning of its establishment to more than 15000 students at the present, including more than 500 Chinese students. Siam University has become one of the five private universities in Thailand. At the present Siam university has School of Management, School of Humanities, School of Media and Arts, School of Law and Graduate School. The Graduate School has MBA, media arts, engineering and other majors, which can confer master’s degree and doctor’s degree. The School of Management of Siam University gets certified by AACSB.