BGD Signed Cooperation Agreement with Siam University, Thailand

Release time:2021-6-16 15:37:55

In order to follow the national “Belt and Road" development strategy and future development plan of our university, the international office develops cooperation with colleges and universities in countries along the Belt and Road route. During this semester, our university has successfully joined the BREC-CEAIE, China-CEEC Higher Education Institutions Consortium and TCEA, which marks the educational exchange and cooperation between our university and those of “Belt and Road" countries comes to a new level.


Recently, our university has reached a number of cooperation intentions and signed a formal cooperation agreement with Siam University in Thailand.


Siam University, founded in 1965, has over 1,000 faculties and 20,000 students including more than 500 Chinese students. There are 14 schools offering 86 bachelorsprograms, 17 mastersprograms and 5 doctoral programs and courses in different schools are taught in different languages: Thai, English and Chinese. It is one of the best comprehensive universities in Thailand.


Siam University cooperates with internationally renowned universities and institutions in the United States, New Zealand, Finland, China and other countries to develop subject courses and conduct academic exchange. With quality education, Siam University has been recognized as a university in line with international standards. It is an important member of international academic organizations such as the The International Association of Hotel Schools, the International Association of University Presidents, the Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning, etc.


Combined with its own advantages, Siam University actively carries out international school-enterprise cooperation and exchanges to serve the society. Meanwhile, after multiple reviews, International Business Daily under the supervision of the Ministry of Commerce, PRC, has set up a " The Belt and Road Initiative " international think tank at the university to better provide support to countries along the belt and road.